Focusing on singable, lyrical melodies supported by irresistible grooves, Israeli NYC based bassist Ayal Tsubery manages to make the mixture of Jazz with Israeli, and Middle Eastern music seem effortlessly natural.

Tsubery's debut album as a bandleader - “Decisions” was described as “a debut collection of unusual depth and emotional range” (Bruce Lindsey, AAJ) and “An album that grabbed me with the opening notes, and never really let go” (Dave Sumner, Wandering Sound).

I grew up in Jerusalem and started playing music when I was 14, just a few years before streaming music online became a thing, and so my main sources of new music were the radio, my friends, and my father's Accordion. In retrospect, the time and place that music got into my life, determined what's most important to me in music – melodies that groove, and grooves that have a melody.”

The way to this realization spanned through countless feet of worn bass strings, and a trip to the other side of the world to attend Beklee College of Music in Boston.

“I sure learned a ton from people like Hal Crook and Oscar Stagnaro, though my most important lessons took place out of the classroom. Along with the excitement of moving to a new country there's also quite a bit of loneliness that ultimately allowed me to look much deeper into myself. I think that's an essential part of every art form.”

in 2010, after 3 good New England winters, Ayal moved to New York City to become a part of one of the most vibrant, and interesting music scenes in the world. About a year later the music in his debut album “Decisions” was ready to be recorded.

“After getting over the initial shock of moving to NYC I realized I needed a band to play this music with. The most natural thing was calling my best friends for it.”

The band carefully balances meticulous arrngements, with bursts of energetic improvisation, creating a fine blend of Jazz and Israeli folk, with African and Middle Eastern grooves. Tsubery's compositions are based on the tention between a strong, sophisticated rhythmic foundation, and rich, memorable melodies which are hummed by the audience long after the show is over.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Ayal is rapidly emerging as a significant voice in the music community, and can regularly be seen performing in NYC venues leading his own band, or playing with Tipsy Oxcart, Eyal Hai's Project, and more. 

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